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How to get a car title replacement service in Houston?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Automobile Title Services Near Me
Automobile Title Services Near Me

Are you in search of a car title replacement service in Houston, Texas? An auto title might seem like a mere piece of paper, but its importance is paramount. If you've lost or misplaced your vehicle title, it's crucial to get a replacement title as soon as possible. At Swift Auto Title, a premier Houston Auto Title Company, we offer swift and reliable Title Replacement Services in Houston.

What Is An Auto Title?

Simply put, an auto title is proof of ownership of a vehicle. If you fully own a vehicle, an auto title will list your name as the vehicle's legal owner. However, if you've taken out a loan to buy a car, the title will list the name of the lienholder. Although you'll have physical possession of the vehicle purchased using a loan, on paper, it remains in the possession of the lienholder until the loan is completely paid off. For a wide array of title services, including Title Replacement Service in Houston or Temporary Tag Service in Houston, you can always count on us.

How To Replace A Vehicle Title?

Replacing a vehicle title that's in your name If the vehicle title is in your name, you can replace the car title via your local post office. However, if you'd rather avoid the inconvenience of long lines, you can take advantage of our Auto Title Service in Houston.

You'll need to provide proof of ownership, such as documentation of a previous loan on the car, and pay a nominal fee to get the replacement. You might also need to supply your vehicle’s VIN and some personal information. The respective office may request to see your driver's license. Remember, the new title will indicate that it's a replacement title.

Replacing a vehicle title that wasn’t in your name yet If you've purchased a car from a private seller and the title was lost or misplaced before you could transfer it to your name, don't worry, a replacement is still achievable. You can ask the previous owner to submit a replacement request. Once the title arrives, they can sign the duplicate title over. If this isn't possible, reach out to us for all your auto title transfer needs. We provide prompt Title Replacement Services in Houston, TX.

In addition to various other auto title services, we also offer exceptional Temporary Tag Service in Houston. Temporary tags, also known as temp tags, paper tags, or paper license plates, are issued to vehicle purchasers as temporary registration until the dealer completes the title and registration process.

Skip The Line And Let Us Do The Hard Work For You!

We're a team of professionals who are passionate about assisting individuals with their auto title needs, shielding them from the frustration and hard work typically associated with the process. Our procedure is quick, straightforward, and transparent.

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