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Selling a Car on Behalf of Someone Else

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Automobile Title Services Near Me
Automobile Title Services Near Me

There may be times when a friend or family member wishes to sell their car, but due to circumstances such as being away on business or other commitments, they are unable to do so themselves. If they ask you to handle the sale on their behalf, you might be wondering if you're allowed to sell a car that's not technically in your name. If you find yourself in this situation, keep reading to understand more about selling a car on someone else's behalf.

Can I Sell A Car On Behalf Of Someone Else?

Yes, you can indeed sell a car on behalf of someone else, whether it's your friend, spouse, or other family member. However, it's important to ensure that the correct documentation is in place. For further guidance or if you're seeking auto title services, consider contacting our team at Houston Auto Title Company.

What Is Required To Sell Someone Else’s Car?

To sell a car on behalf of a friend or family member, you'll need them to grant you power of attorney or provide you with a written letter of intent. It's also necessary to have access to all required vehicle documentation.

A power of attorney is a legal document allowing one person to delegate authority over their financial affairs to another individual. This individual can perform asset transactions and banking activities on behalf of the person granting the power. This is typically done when the person is unable to manage these tasks themselves, perhaps due to illness.

If the owner of the car has signed a power of attorney form allowing you to sell their car on their behalf, you can legally execute the sale.

Looking to sell a car on behalf of someone else?

For guidance, contact Houston DMV services or reach out to Swift Auto Title Services. We can help make selling a car easier for you.

Cases Where You May Need To Sell A Car On Someone Else’s Behalf

  1. The owner is deceased, and you need to transfer the title: This process will require you to provide the owner’s death certificate. This can usually be done by relatives.

  2. The owner is deployed in the military: Sometimes, when a member of the military is deployed, they leave their car in the care of a close friend or trusted relative. Before deployment, many military service members provide power of attorney to their designated caretaker to handle their assets during their deployment.

Remember, if you're not the owner of the car, you're not allowed to sell it unless you have a power of attorney. Houston DMV services won’t take your word for it unless you can present a signed certificate of title. For more details, contact Houston Auto Title Company for assistance.

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