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What If You Are the Victim of Title Jumping?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Automobile Title Services Near Me
Automobile Title Services Near Me

Title jumping is the act of buying and selling a vehicle without registering the vehicle in your name. In such cases, the ownership of a vehicle is passed from one individual to another without an accurate record of ownership.

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Why Do People Title Jump?

People engage in title jumping for various reasons:

• Some individuals aim to avoid paying taxes and fees before reselling the vehicle. If a person is looking to quickly sell a car for profit, costs such as sales tax, registration fee, titling fee, and others can add up.

• Some people title jump to avoid the necessity of registering as a licensed dealer.

• Others may use title jumping as a way to conceal negative vehicle history from potential buyers.

If you have any concerns related to auto titles in Houston, feel free to contact Swift Auto Title. Our auto titling experts are more than willing to assist you.

What Happens If You Buy A Title Jumped Vehicle? If you inadvertently buy a vehicle with a jumped title, you may face difficulties when trying to register it in your name. Moreover, tracing the last registered owner of the vehicle might be challenging. As a general rule, ensure that the seller's name is listed on the vehicle's title certificate before making any payment.

However, if the person transferring the title has a power of attorney over the registered owner, the transaction can proceed. But ensure to obtain proof of the power of attorney. This document will be necessary when you wish to register the vehicle and transfer the title to your name.

Be cautious if the seller claims they lost the auto title; it could be an attempt to sell a title-jumped car. Insist that the seller request a duplicate title. If the seller cannot provide the car's title, it's best not to proceed with the purchase. If you need assistance in such situations, you can reach out to us for Lost Title Services in Houston or any other Auto Title Service in Houston, Texas.

What If You Are The Victim Of Title Jumping? If you've bought a vehicle and the seller's name isn't on the auto title, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the situation. First, if you bought the car from a private seller, ask them to transfer the car's title into their name and then sign over the new title to you. If a dealership sold you a car with a jumped title, you could request a refund or even file a fraud claim against them. Alternatively, you can process the title as a bonded title.

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